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      Jurong Intan Foil Manufacturing Co.,Ltd., founded in 1996, is a self-supporting import and export production enterprise. The company is located in Longtan Town, Qixia District, Nanjing, the hometown of gold foil, close to Nanjing Lukou Airport and about 1 hour away from Shanghai high-speed railway.

      We specialize in producing all kinds of gold foil, imitation gold foil, silver foil, imitation gold foil, Taiwan gold and gold pasting accessories. The products are mainly used for furniture gold pasting, building decoration, gold lettered signboards, Temple Buddha gold pasting and all kinds of picture frame gold pasting, and are suitable for all kinds of substrates, including wood products, resin, plastic, PVC, glass, metal, stone, rubber and paper. Real gold foil is also especially used in food, cosmetics, medicinal materials and skin surface.

      Our company has more than 150 employees and independently produces black gold paper. Bright color, uniform thickness and neat edges and corners are our quality standards. Through the joint efforts of all employees, each of us can produce more than 15 million foils and sell well at home and abroad.

      Our company promises: reasonable price, short production cycle and honest service. Welcome to contact us.

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      Address: Wusheng'an, Baohua Town, Jurong City, Jiangsu Province
      Contact person:Jacky.Shi 013851815111
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      Jurong Intan Foil Manufacturing Co.,Ltd

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