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      Industry news

      Briefly on the efficacy, function and application of gold foil

      Adding gold leaf to the medicinal materials has the effects of soothing the nerves, helping sleep, calming the heart, soothing the liver and calming the qi, and has certain effects on the treatment of insomnia. In addition, it can also be used to treat epilepsy, wind-cold wind-heat, shortness of breath and dry cough, typhoid fever, lung damage and hematemesis, child convulsions, five-zang wind-epilepsy, loss of consciousness and other diseases. Therefore, gold foil is a kind of Chinese herbal medicine with high efficacy and effect. The addition of gold foil to skin care products has the effect of activating the basic metabolism of the skin, which can stimulate the connective tissues under the skin and accelerate the blood circulation system. Adding gold foil to skin care products can also reduce wrinkles and wrinkles, and improve skin firmness and extensibility. In addition, it promotes the digestion and absorption of nutrients, essence and collagen powder in Chinese herbal medicines and plant extracts.

      Uses of gold foil paper

      Gold foil paper is also called gold powder paper. Refers to specially processed paper coated with metallic copper powder. Divided into single-sided coating and double-sided coating. There are many varieties and a wide range of quantification. The base paper is coated on a coating machine with a coating made of metal copper powder, porcelain clay, adhesive (casein or other water-soluble sizing material), or mixed with organic solvent-soluble lacquer. Used as packaging and decorative paper. So what is the use of gold foil paper?

      How to distinguish pure gold leaf from imitation gold leaf

      At present, the price of gold is almost one day, and it has risen to more than 380 yuan per gram. However, many individuals or manufacturers are still selling low-priced gold foil. The so-called low-priced gold foil is really hard to believe. Even at such a low price, you can buy gold. No, let alone gold foil processed through more than a dozen special processes. At the current gold price and labor cost, it is impossible to produce gold foil of about 5 yuan. Now the gold foil market is chaotic. Consumers are also asked to carefully distinguish between pure gold foil and imitation gold foil. Gold leaf to prevent being deceived and incurring losses:

      The origin and modern application of foil

      The gold foil is made by traditional crafts, using gold bars with a gold content of 99.99% as the main raw material. After more than ten special processes such as chemical polyester, hammering, foil cutting, etc., it appears golden in color, bright and soft, as light as a feather and as thin as a cicada. The thickness of the wings is less than 0.12 microns. The standard gold foil should be of uniform thickness, neat edges and corners, without cracks and obvious trachoma. The gold foil model is calibrated by the gold content, such as the gold content of 98% gold foil, the standard 98±1. The gold content of 77 gold foil is 77%, the standard 77±1. The common gold foil on the market has specifications of 93.3×93.3 square millimeters, 83.3×83.3 square millimeters, and 44.5×44.5 square millimeters.

      Brand new factory

      The new factory area provides customers with better services and prices.

      The new version of the corporate website is online

      The new version of the fourth edition of our company’s corporate website has more abundant products and a more reasonable layout. Welcome to visit
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