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      句容億達箔業制造有限公司    |     中文  /   EN


      Imitation silver leaf is also called composite silver leaf、Doutch silver leaf、Aluminum Foil, Made from Aluminum 100%,Thickness is approximately 0.3-0.4 microns,which is beating by small metal material, it can be apply on the surface of different material such as furniture,wood,glass,frame,wall,ceiling,temple,figure of buddha,tableware and many kinds of artware etc. it is most popular metal leaf in global market.

      With inter paper

      Lined paper type: each foil is separated by a piece of cotton paper, and every 100 pieces are tied with paper strips. 1000 sheets / bags, 10 thousand (10 packs) in the foam box. Suitable for domestic use

      Specification: 14cmx14cm; 16CMX16CM

      Without inter paper

      Laminated foil is mainly suitable for export. Foil and foil are staggered left and right, and there is no paper separation in the middle, which is easy to transport and sell.

      Packing method: every 100 sheets are separated with cotton paper, 500 sheets are wrapped with cotton paper, and a total of 20 packages (10000 sheets) are put into sealed aluminum bags and then into boxes. 10 boxes / box (48cmx31cmx26cm)

      Booklet Type

      This packing is apply to retail by drop

      25 leaves per booklet
      40 booklets/1000 leaves/pack
      10 packs/400 booklets/10000 leaves/foamy box
      2 foamy boxes/20 packs/20000 leaves/carton


      Flake Type


      1KG per carton(45X38X40CM)

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